SKM Siddha Ayurveda Clinic was started in the year 1989 at Erode and successfully functioning with a Team of Siddha & Ayurveda Doctors. About 35000 patients are getting benefited every year. All cases were recorded properly in a case sheet format. The patients are thoroughly examined in all aspects and diagnosed. According to Siddha and Ayurvedha System our body's physiological functions depends on 'THIRIDHOSIC THEORY' i.e., the function of Vadha, Pitha and Kaba in the ratio of 1:1/2 : 1/4 which can be identified through pulse reading. Any alteration to this, caused by changes in Diet, Life style and other physical, chemical and Biological factors results in disease.

Here the treatment is started adopting the basic principles i.e. by giving purgation, Oil Bath, etc., to bring the deranged humors (Vatham, Pitham, Kabam) normal Diseases which need surgical practices such as piles, gall bladder stones renal (or) kidney stones, tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc., are treated safely with medicines. Problem like acute bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, Bronchial Asthma, Urinary tract infections, gastro intestinal problems like regurgitation, peptic ulcer, diarrhoea dysentery, indigestion, skin diseases like pimples(acne vulgaris), eczema, psoriasis etc., are treated successfully.

Gynaecological problems such as leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, Ammenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea are also dealt with and good results were observed. Geriatric problems, Osteo Arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus are being controlled.


The word siddha means “ An object to be attained”, “Perfection” or “ heavenly bliss”.

The knowledge of siddha was hand over to siddhar’s by God Shiva.

Even though the siddhars are numerous, the Eighteen siddhars  are well known by the Tamil community.

Siddha is fully based on Panchabutha Theory ( Five element) and it emphasis a strong relationship between the universe and body.

Vatham, Pitham and Kapam that is three humours play important role in different functions of the body called Uyirthathu (Physiology). Disturbance in equilibrium of uyirthathu is called Mukkuttrum (Pathology). The Diagnosis, treatment and preventive care are based on three humours.

Siddhar Thirumoolar described medicine into four types which is revealed with modern medicine.

  1. General medicine ( Udal maruthuvam)
  2. Psychiatric Medicine ( Ula maruthuvam)
  3. Preventive Medicine ( Noi Maruppu)
  4. Anti-Ageing Medicine ( Saavai Maruppathu)

Another three branches also described  by their administration.

  1. Itro medicine (Vinnaver Maruthuvam)
  2. Herbal Medicine ( Maanida Maruthuvam)
  3. Surgery (Asura Maruthuvam)

The practice of Varmam is an unique from all system based on energy flow.

According to sidhha system of Medicine, the health is preserved by

  1. Balanced food ( Equal ratio of six taste food )
  2. Exercise
  3. Harmony of mind
  4. Preventive care ( Balancing the three humours)

SKM Siddha Ayurveda Clinic

1. The first outpatient wing was started in the year 1989 with separate male and female O.P. departments. Presently, SKM has own Hospital at Erode and also- 13 outpatient Hospital networks through Swami Vethathiri Maharishi’s Manavalakalai Mandram in various places of Tamilnadu, altogether treating an average of 500 cases per day.

2. About 2,30,000 cases have been treated so far in the Erode and Chennai Branches.(As on April 2011)

3.'The Outpatient Clinic is well supported by SKM Inpatient Hospital nearby.    

4. Successful cases are documented by following standard guidelines before and after treatment.

5. Alleviating diseases such as:

  a. Aphthous Ulcer, Peptic ulcer, Acid Peptic Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Amoebic Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Intestinal worms, constipation, diarrhea, Dysentery, piles, fistula, Jaundice (Hepatitis B and other types), Cirrhosis of Liver.

b. Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis, Acute and Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Sinusitis, Nasal polyp.

c. Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, cervical and lumber spondylitis, spondylosis, Polyarthritis, Gout, Osteoporosis, Frozen shoulder, Peri arthritis, Myalgia.

d. Diabetes, Hypertension

e. Skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Hyperkeratosis, Leucoderma, Lichen planus, Fungal Infections, Urticaria, Athlete foot, Leprosy, Dandruff, Alopecia areata, Hyperpigmentation, Photodermatitis, Wart and Corn foot, etc.

f. Initial stages of cancer, HIV and AIDS, Herpes simplex and STD.

g. Renal calculi, Chronic Pancreatitis, Prostrate enlargement, Cystitis, Bladder neck obstruction, UTI, Pruritis Vulva, Leucorrhoea, DUB, Disorders of Ovary and Uterus, Menstrual disorders, Female Infertility, Fibroid, Bulky uterus, Adenomyosis, PCOD, Benign and Malignant tumors, Oligospermia, Oligoasthenospermia and Male Infertility.

h. Monoplegia, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Parkinsonism, Facial palsy, General nervous debility, Peripheral neuritis, Neuralgia.

i. Endocrine disorders such as hyperprolactinaemia, Hypo- and Hyper- thyroidism and other Hormonal dysfunctions.


Eight disciples of ayurveda treatment called ashtangas are given below :
(a) Internal Medicine (Kayachikitsa)
(b) Paediatrics (Kaumaabhrutam
(c) Surgery (Shalyakantra)
(d) ENT (Shalakayam)
(e) Bhutavidya (Psychiatry)
(f) Toxicology (Agadatantram)
(g) Improving Immunity (Rasayanam) &
(h) Improving Health of Progeny (Vajikaranam)

The practise of Panchakarma is believed to eliminative toxic elements from the body.

The Sushrutamnita and Charakasamhita well influential works on traditional medicine during this era.

The main strength of an individual to resist the affliction of disease - Vyadhishamatvam is well considered in ayurveda and are the boosters of immunery System.

Ayurveda is most concerned with physical basis of life. Concentrating on its harmony of mind and spirit.


What is Rejuvenation?
Rejuvenation program to keep your body and mind in perfect balance.

How is it achieved?
Detoxification and rejuvenation coupled with a healthy diet scheduling, life coaching, yoga & pranayama and other energizing massage techniques can also be an essential anti-aging tool.

Rejuvenation Programme includes, GBM (Abhyangam), Pizhichil (Oil treatment for whole body), Udwartanam, (Powder Massage), Dhara, Fomentation and Navara Therapy.

Benefits: -

  • In long run it helps in preventing the onset of Blood related ailments, Musculo skeletal ailments and common ailments related to the mind (anxiety and depression).

  • Improves the metabolic activities of the body and also improves the skin texture. It helps to fasten the removal of the metabolic waste from the body.

  • Relieves stress from all the organs and improves work ability and Improves the quality of life and makes you understand the real essence of life.

  • Makes you feel better from both external and internal perspective, It Cleanses and nourishes all the tissues of the body there by giving the feeling of a new existence.

  • The benefits can include a strengthened immune system, enhanced mental clarity, increased vitality, and reduced blood fats and blood pressure levels.

  • In addition, patients with a variety of chronic illnesses, including arthritis etc, often report feeling significantly better after completing rejuvenation programme.

Rejuvenation can be done effectively and economically done here.

Special Out Patients Care

Special attention is being rendered to male and female infertility. Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and diseases of the children (Paediatric disorders).

Special Features


"A sound mind is a sound body" - The patients are not only treated with medicines but also advised to do Kayakalpa, Meditation and Simplified kundalini Yoga practices postulated by Swami Vedathiri Mahirishi.

Nowadays Physical & Mental stress are major Aetiological factor in causing number of diseases. Stress in the mind reflects immediately to the body affecting the secretion of hormones and enzymes leading to various physiological and Metabolic disturbances such as acid peptic disease, poor bowel habits, diabetes, hypertension and certain psychosomatic disorders.

The above cases are managed successfully by following the Kayakalpa Meditation and Simplified Kundalini Yoga Practices.


Apart from these a special type of treatment called "Nasiyam" (Instilling medicated solution, or juices of some herbs into the nostrils).is practiced twice in a month on Sundays. For simusitis, migraine, obstructive pulmonary diseases, diseases of the skull etc.


Siddhars had categorized many oils according to the derangement of Vatha, Pitha and Kaba. For example Aswaganthi Balalakshathi Thailam is for Vatha Dosha, Kezhanelli Thailam is for Pitha Dosha, Chukku thailam is for Kaba Dhosa. The oil bath reduces the body heat moisturizes the Skin, gives freshness to the sensory organs, excretes the metabolic wastes through perspiration


Siddhars had formulated several medicines which would produce purgation. They are categorized as general and specific. General help in de-worming and polarizing the intestines to absorb the medicines more effectively. Specific involve giving the purgation medicine in a particular vehicle like fresh herbal juice or with a herbal decoction for Specific disease. The same medicine is used for various diseases by changing the vehicle alone.


A specialized treatment methodology of Siddha system offered by trained experts .


A specialty center of SKM Siddha Ayurveda Clinic offering rejuvenation treatments by using the Traditional Siddha, Herbal Oils and various Dry and Fresh herbs. The musculoskeletal and the nervous system is stimulated by the following various type of treatments.

  1. General Body massage & Steam Bath
  2. Localized Massage
  3. Lower Limb Massage
  4. Head Massage
  5. Herbal Facial Massage
  6. Nasal Medication & Inhalation
  7. Oil Treatment for Head
  8. Oil Treatment for Whole Body
  9. Navara Therapy
  10. Navara Paste Therapy
  11. Wax Therapy
  12. Poultice Therapy
  13. Oil Wrapping Therapy
  14. Spinal Bath
  15. Special hip and knee Therapy

Diseases Treated

  1. General weakness
  2. Obesity
  3. Cervical and Lumbar Spondylitis, Spondylosis and Spondylolisthesis
  4. Frozen shoulder
  5. Hip pain
  6. Senile Arthritis
  7. Sciatica
  8. Headaches including Migraine
  9. Facial paralysis
  10. Hemiplegia
  11. Paraplegia
  12. Nervous disorders
  13. Musculo-skeletal disorders
  14. Dandruff
  15. Skin disorders.
  16. Hyper pigmentation of the face


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