The Siddha system of Medicine is an indigenous traditional system originated in Tamilnadu with the codified references from age-old literature such as Thirumandhiram, Thirukkural, Tholkappiam, etc which was aged 2000 years old. The Siddha is a Dravidian system of medicine which has been spread to neighboring parts of Kerala, Karnataka and coastal Andhra which are adjacent to Tamilnadu. More over it is prominently used in the countries such as Malaysia , Singapore , Sri Lanka etc.

The Siddha Medical system was founded by a group of spiritual people called 18 Siddhars , who were spiritually enlightened persons. The Word Siddhars is derived from “Siddhi” which means “Eternal Bliss”. The Siddhars by their spiritual and Yogic Practices attained immense knowledge and experience in Vaithiyam (Medicine), Vatham (Alchemy), Jothidam (Astrology), Manthrigam (Thanthric practices), Yogam (Meditation and Yogic exercises), Gnanam (Knowledge about the Almighty). The Concept of the Siddhars is the “Food is the Medicine, Medicine is the Food” (Unave Marunthu, Marunthe Unuvu), Sound Mind makes the Sound Body (Manamathu Semmaiaanal Manthiram Sebika Vendaam).