SKM Industry Connect

  • Close interaction between the institute and the industry/enterprise is seen as the platform for showcasing best practices, latest technological advancements and their implementation and impact on the Industry.
  • It is basically considered to improve the quality of technical and vocational education adequately to meet the needs of the industry and economy. Having a close interaction in place, industries are able to participate in technical and vocational education programs, with the goal of cross-fertilizing ideas for systems improvement.
  • To integrate industrial training and other inputs from the industry with the teaching-learning processes, interaction is necessary as it develops students’ awareness on job functions in the industry, attitudes to adapt to industrial environment, proper practical and relevant knowledge, skills and competencies in preparation to becoming self-employed.
  • Industry expectations are also echoed through sound interaction, particularly the requirements from new recruits who are expected to be orientated to industrial disciplines, job descriptions within the workplace with industrial practices.